Buffer Busts Out The Science of Social Media Podcast

Buffer Science of Social Media Podcast

Photo: Header from Buffer’s The Science of Social Media Podcast – Click to Access Episodes.

Buffer Busts Out The Science of Social Media Podcast

Published by Alison Masniuk | @AlisonPaigeM

Perhaps late to the game to comment but I promised a review of Buffer‘s new podcast – The Science of Social Media

A Word of Caution

I think it is important that I state this now before you read any further: I have an aversion to podcasts.

Podcasts, audiobooks, etc. – You name it. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s just my personality, but I tend to lean away from them.

I only recently started to engage in them when my spouse would be listening to the Joe Rogan Experience in the kitchen while cleaning.

Needless to say, podcasts are a medium of content I have yet to explore.

The minute I saw Buffer’s announcement of a podcast centralized around social media, I plugged my headphones in faster than you could imagine.

So let’s dive right into it!

The Science of Social Media Overview

Buffer published their new podcast on September 15, 2016.

Hosted by Buffer’s Hailey, Brian and Kevan, each week provides marketers and brands with valuable advice and recommendations in social media marketing through interactions with major online influencers and innovators.

Introducing their first five episodes (six as of today), Buffer captivates listeners through five engaging social media conversations with major influencers:

Episode 1. Inside NASA’s Social Media Strategies – John Yembrick

“NASA’s head of digital strategy, John Yembrick, shares the ways he and his team share to social — 100% natively, 24-7 from their phones.”

Episode 2. Mastering Content Curation – Rand Fishkin

“Moz’s Rand Fishkin reveals his secrets to curating the best content from around the web for social media and how TAGFEE (Moz’s core values) plays into everything he does in marketing.”

Episode 3. Inside HubSpot’s Social Team – Meghan Keaney Anderson

“If you’re keen to get hired as a social media manager (or to hire one), this is the episode for you! Meghan Keaney Anderson, HubSpot VP of Marketing, shares the secrets behind the HubSpot social media team and what it takes to be hired as a social media manager.”

Episode 4. What Is User Generated Content and Why Are Top Brands Doubling Down Now? – Dom Garrett

“Dom Garrett of BTC Revolutions approach to community building on social media and why user-generated content is a great strategy for brands and businesses.”

Episode 5. Why Personal Branding is the Most Important Thing You Can Do for Yourself – Dorie Clark

“Duke University professor Dorie Clark – a bestselling author and consultant for various Fortune 500 companies – shares her unique approach to personal branding on social media and why developing a brand of your own is becoming critical in today’s global environment.”

(The Science of Social Media Podcast – Buffer, 2016)

Buffer has provided notes and clips to each episode for those who want to jump to the main points throughout the interviews.

The blog follow-up is something I’ve yet to see in a variety of podcast promotion, so kudos to you, Team Buffer!

To get the full value from these episodes, however, I highly recommend you take a listen yourself to see what resonates with you.

Key Takeaways

The Science of Social Media podcast provides social media enthusiasts a peek into the behind-the-scenes of social media success.

Each interview gives listeners a plethora of advice to enhance your social strategy through different brands’ tactics.

Here are the main points I took away from each episode that I believe is pertinent to all listeners:

1. Be Frequent but Stay Organic

Every brand has a different approach to social.

In particular, to NASA’s John Yembrick, John states in his interview that although there may not be necessarily a frequency to their social strategy, there is an alignment with their audience.

Appealing to the desired audience by sorting through influencers and connections will help build relationships as well increase engagement with your following.

2. Social ROI Takes Time 

In my experience, Return on Investment is one of the key factors clients bring up when signing a social media consultant agreement.

Moz‘s Rand Fishkin has successfully addressed during his interview was the reality of social ROI.

Successful social return takes time.

Social media marketers need to concentrate on building those relationships with their audiences so that when the content begins to deliver, the engagement is there.

3. Be Aware of The Pace of Social Media

Hubspot’s VP of Marketing Megan Keaney Anderson emphasizes the importance of adaptability in social.

Something I’ve always expressed to my clients is the versatility of a social media manager and the capabilities that their potential hire should have.

To succeed in social, you need to be able to analyze and assess current trends then adapt yourself to the market.

Also, Megan’s input towards those social influencers who go above and beyond in their work are the ones who are setting the pace of the industry.

Content creation will take you places, so you have to start somewhere.

4. Genuine and Authentic Interactions Builds Community

I loved this episode with influential Marketer at BTC Revolutions Dom Garett as he touches base on user-generated content in his interview with Buffer. 

The genuine and authentic feel of original content is what I thrive for in my own business and brand that reflects positively in the online community.

What is important to acknowledge in Dom’s discussion is that your audience wants to talk to a person – not a bot, an ad or a logo.

At the end of the day, word of mouth is the ultimate referral to keep in mind so create content that people want to talk about.

5. Personal Branding is Your Reputation 

How you project yourself with your brand is massive in business.

During Buffer’s interview with Duke University Professor Dorie Clark in episode 5, Dorie acknowledges the fact how you present yourself in the marketplace will leave an impression on your audience. 

Your personal brand is what people will talk about when you leave the room.

Don’t be afraid to explain your narrative and share your experience to be known.


Buffer is off to an excellent start with the execution of their new podcast.

Adding value to the social conversation through each of their episodes, The Science of Social Media episodes provides listeners with critical insights to enable their social marketing efforts tenfold.

A huge positive in my perspective is the length of each podcast – roughly half-hour segments of on point feedback from notable influencers in the digital world.

Overall, I think if there was ever a podcast to be aligned with a social media enthusiast’s queries, Buffer has hit the nail on the head with The Science of Social Media.

Keep up the great work – you’ve managed to make me a podcast advocate, Team Buffer!

Alison Masniuk is an entrepreneur residing in Calgary, Alberta. She runs a social media consulting business while attending University of Calgary Continuing Education, finishing up her second certificate program in Marketing. Her particular focuses are digital marketing, e-recruitment, and social media. She is also a work-at-home mom to a wonderful little girl named Sadie. Alison is a meticulous worker and scholar, who has mastered the art of multitasking and the creative process to provide her clients with authentic and unique digital solutions for their business.

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